FE1C728B-B6E5-48AF-8F66-054EC1617A8DMy earliest memories are of sitting in my grandmother’s courtyard in St. Marc, Haiti, listening to her stories as the wind raged all around and a fire burned in the center of our circle.

I was only five years old when my family moved to Brooklyn. I thought I had lost those stories forever. I went on to create a life for myself as a law professor and an international trade lawyer, including a stint in the Clinton White House. But, no matter how far I strayed, the stories kept calling me back.

My stories are one part heart-thumping legal thriller mixed with one part storytelling the way my grandmother used to do it–with humor, grace, and Haitian flair.

Come, join us by the fire, and I will tell you a story . . .

A more traditional bio …

Marjorie Florestal is a former international trade and development lawyer with the Clinton Adminstration. A graduate of NYU law school, Ms. Florestal has lived, traveled or worked in such diverse environments as Macau, France, Senegal, Cape Verde, South Africa and Guatemala.

She currently lives in Northern California where she teaches law school and is pet mom to four unruly dogs. Her free time is taken up with writing the next installment in her A New World Legal Thriller series.

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