The Legacy

The Legacy by Marjorie Florestal

Ten years ago, Haitian American lawyer Rénee François escaped from New York. An old case brings her back to Brooklyn to close that chapter. But when Rénee is kidnapped, she must confront the fact that her old life was a lie. The only way to discover the truth is to join forces with her nemesis, Chris Colòn.

Chris claims to possess a 500-year old secret so powerful it could change history. He wants Rénee to represent him in the lawsuit of a lifetime—if they can survive La Trinitaria, a shadowy international organization that wants them both dead. 

Trapped in a blizzard in six million acres of wild land, Rénee’s survival depends on one critical question: Can she trust Chris? He was a patient at the Belleville Psychiatric Hospital, after all—and it was his betrayal 10 years ago that sent her running for her life . . .

Coming Soon. Read an excerpt here.

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