538F0B0C-E75A-45EF-9CF1-39D55DAD7FDF What if Christopher Columbus had fathered a child with a Taino Indian woman from the New World?

Five hundred years after an event that rocked the world, Chris Colòn alleges he is a descendant of Christopher Columbus–born of a union between the Great Navigator and Yaguana, a Taino Warrior-Princess.

Chris wants his share of the vast Columbus fortune. Some would rather see him dead first. His only hope lies with Haitian-American lawyer Renée François.

An old case brings Renée back to New York in the shadow of the Belleville Psychiatric Hospital. It is there that she must confront the legacy of her past. Can Chris be trusted? He is a patient at Belleville, after all, and it is his betrayal a decade ago that sent Renée running for her life . . .

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37DB73E3-2BEC-4E26-9169-FA06B65C8DE5A woman. A small boat. 18 dead bodies

It is 1991, and a bloody coup has plunged Haiti into chaos. Thousands take to the sea in a race for their lives. In Boston, Haitian-American lawyer Renée François gets a strange call.

In the dark, frigid waters of the Caribbean Sea, the US coast guard stumbled on a woman surrounded by 18 dead bodies–one of them a five year old child. An autopsy revealed no signs of drowning. It looks like the lone survivor is also a murderer.

But something is wrong here.

As Renée races to untangle the mystery before her client is deported to war-ravaged Haiti, she must battle her own demons to discover who killed all those people. And who is trying to kill her . . .

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Short Stories

A Dream Deferred

A young lawyer must fight to keep her DACA client from being deported. The client is her sister. Click here to read this short story.


A little girl. A leaking boat. 600 miles of wide open sea.

Short story coming soon

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